100% comfort shoes from Jana

We devote our passion to the exceptional fit and unique comfort of our models!

Our unique comfort for your shoes
Jana - Shoes for Charity

Jana - 100% comfort

We love comfortable shoes

Jana combines the latest fashion with great comfort at an attractive price/performance ratio. High quality upper materials, soft soles, comfortable inners and a perfect fit come together in a modern look. To meet our high expectations in terms of quality and comfort,

we constantly test new production processes and innovative technologies to make our shoes even more prized. Click on the button to find out how we became one of the top suppliers of comfort shoes in Germany and Europe right from the outset.

We combine the latest fashion with great comfort.
Jana 100% comfort
We reveal what makes Jana shoes so comfortable...



We reveal what makes Jana shoes so comfortable...

Jana is committed

We support women and children in need

The well-being of children and mothers is particularly close to our heart! Through our 'Shoes for Charity' campaign, we want to help make the world just that little bit better. So for every pair of shoes we sell, we donate €1 to an aid organisation.

In recent years this has amounted to more than €60,000 which has helped to improve the lives of mothers and children in Somalia.

Shoes for Charity - We donate where people  desperately need help
We combine modern shoe design and the latest trends with maximum comfort
Shoes have to be comfortable and affordable!

How the Jana brand
was born...

The concept of comfort was no spontaneous afterthought: it is the source of everything we do. The vision was clear even back then: to fit fashion-conscious women with comfortable shoes at a great price/performance ratio!